Choreography For the Running Male (Vilnius)

Performance for Mindaugas Triennial,
the 11th Baltic Triennial of International Art, 2012
Photography by Ieva Budžeikaitė

Itinerant work featuring nine male performers clad in uniforms that are at once military and effeminate. They run throughout a meandering route in the city while carrying out a series of unlikely actions that trouble traditional perceptions of western masculinity, and in doing so, transform expectations of male, group behavior into something quite harmless and unexpected.

…Mindaugai, you have to keep on running. I have seen where you are. You know, the idea of pure blood is long time forgotten. Young men are practicing organic farming and urban beekeeping on the roofs of skyscrapers. – Mindaugai, are you listening to me ? Where are you now ? People told me they saw you crossing a small street in the city center. You have to be careful. Empire is ready to suck you in any moment, anywhere. *

* Excerpt from the voice-over that was transmitted through public speakers as the men traversed the square.