Choreography For the Running Male (Vilnius)

Performance for Mindaugas Triennial,
the 11th Baltic Triennial of International Art, 2012
Photography by Ieva Budžeikaitė

Mindaugas is haunted. He is running with a group of men and trying to hide in Vilnius. His wife is calling him through the speakers, her voice is hovering above the city:

– …Mindaugai, you have to keep on running. I have seen where you are. You know, the idea of pure blood is long time forgotten. Young men are practicing organic farming and urban beekeeping on the roofs of skyscrapers. – Mindaugai, are you listening to me ? Where are you now ? People told me they saw you crossing a small street in the city center. You have to be careful. Empire is ready to suck you in any moment, anywhere. *

* Excerpt from the voice-over that was transmitted through the public speakers as the men traversed the square.

The wife audio: