Skateboard prayer, or Head below the heart

Performance and exhibition, 45 min. CAC, Vilnius and WIELS, Brussels. 2016
Photography: Adrej Vasilenko, Joke Floreal


Seven performers slowly follow a route through the museum space while constantly keeping their heads on the floor. Helping one an- other in complex, choreographed variations on the possibility to keep the head down on one way or another, their itinerary takes them- and the spectators who follow their strenuous procession- along to both public and non-public, back-end spaces, like corridors and storage rooms. There is an inherent quality of humbleness in the act of lowering the head to the ground. The different shapes and constellations the performers form together are reminiscent of insects and other tentacular beings, (constantly feeling with their limbs how to proceed, ) and question our obsession with human exceptionalism.

The exhibition space features the props used by the performers: carpets, skateboards and clothes.

Concept and choreography: Eglė Budvytytė
Created with & performed by:

Vilnius: Tomas Dapšauskas, Raima Drąsutytė, Lema Lungytė, Viktoras Michnevičius, Greta Petrovskytė, Andrius Pulkauninkas, Matas Saladžius, Kristina Aglaja Skaldina, Povilas Šimonis.

Brussels: Chris Harrison-Kerr, Kurt Vandendriessche, Ana Victoria Iommi, Paola Zampierolo, Irina Lavrinovic, Kevin Trappeniers, Benjamin Kahn
Dramaturgy: Bart Groenendaal
Costumes: Morta Griškevičiūtė
Props: Viktorija Rybakova
Sound: Lina Lapelytė
Architecture: Mantas Petraitis

Thanks to: Goda Budvytyte, Ruta Juneviciute, Virginija Januskeviciute

Produced by: CAC,  Nida Art Colony, supported by Mondriaan Fonds