Skateboard prayer, or Head below the heart

Performance, 45 min. CAC, Vilnius and WIELS, Brussels. 2016
Photography: Adrej Vasilenko, Joke Floreal


Skateboard prayer, or Head below the heart, is a performance in the form of a procession. Seven performers slowly trace a route through the building’s public transitional spaces and backdoor areas. The piece approaches the gesture of touching the ground with the head as a task, and expands and reworks it into multiple choreographies trying to liberate it from the hierarchies of power inscribed­­ in it.

Concept and choreography: Eglė Budvytytė
Created with & performed by:

Vilnius: Tomas Dapšauskas, Raima Drąsutytė, Lema Lungytė, Viktoras Michnevičius, Greta Petrovskytė, Andrius Pulkauninkas, Matas Saladžius, Kristina Aglaja Skaldina, Povilas Šimonis.

Brussels: Chris Harrison-Kerr, Kurt Vandendriessche, Ana Victoria Iommi, Paola Zampierolo, Irina Lavrinovic, Kevin Trappeniers, Benjamin Kahn
Dramaturgy: Bart Groenendaal
Costumes: Morta Griškevičiūtė
Props: Viktorija Rybakova
Sound: Lina Lapelytė
Architecture: Mantas Petraitis

Thanks to: Goda Budvytyte, Ruta Juneviciute, Virginija Januskeviciute

Produced by: CAC,  Nida Art Colony, supported by Mondriaan Fonds